£45 million boost to unlock land for homes

Housing Minister Dominic Raab has announced a £45 million cash fund for key community projects to help accelerate the building of 7,280 homes on council owned land.

Councils will be able to to use the Land Release Fund money to combat barriers which would otherwise make land unusable for development, working towards the government ambition to build at least 160,000 homes by 2020 on previously unbuilt-upon land.

A total of 79 bids were successful in the assessment process of the Land Release Fund, which will see £45 million being awarded to 41 authorities.

Raab said: “We are investing £45 million to build roads and provide utilities, so councils can release the land to get up to 7,280 new homes built. It’s part of our strategy to build the homes Britain needs, and carry local communities with us. We’re determined to make buying or renting more affordable for young families and those on low or middle incomes.”