Birmingham makes green pledges in light of cuts

Despite having to make a further £53 million in cuts for its 2018/19 budget, Birmingham City Council has pledged increased investment in housing, social care and cleaner, greener streets.

The council has announced that it has reduced the council tax increase to 3.99 per cent, including one per cent through the social care precept as well as announcing additional investment of £30.4 million for adult social care and a £468 million Council Housing Capital Programme over the next four years, including £196 million for new homes and regeneration.

Furthermore, Birmingham City Council has released proposals to invest £0.2 million in measures to tackle fly-posting across the city.

Ian Ward, council leader, said: "We have listened and, even at a time of continuing government cuts, we are investing in the services that matter most to the people of Birmingham. It's also clear that many households are struggling with the increased cost of living, so the council tax increase will now be lower than the one we consulted on.

"Government funding for the services that people across Birmingham rely on has been cut by almost £650 million since 2010 and sadly we anticipate having to make further cuts of £123 million by 2021/22. We have to make cuts of £53 million for 2018/19 and inevitably that has meant having to make some difficult decisions. Those decisions have been informed by the people of this city and I would like to thank everyone who took time to have a say in our consultation."