Gov to provide extra £1 million for cladding

Tamara Finkelstein has outlined how councils will share £1 million to identify private high-rise buildings that may be clad in unsafe building materials.

Public exposed to daily ‘cocktail’ of pollution

Professor Dame Sally Davies has warned that the impact of air, light and noise pollution has yet to be fully recognised in terms of health.

Apprenticeship Levy found to be underperforming

The LGA has warned that in the seven months since the launch of the Apprenticeship Levy, there have been 131,500 fewer apprenticeships.

Highest council tax increase for 14 years

CIPFA has reported that household across England are set to see an average council tax increase of £81.05 – the steepest increase in 14 years.

Bereaved families to determine future of the Grenfell site

The government has put bereaved families and the community at the heart of deciding what happens to the future of the Grenfell Tower site.

Recycling rates fall for 14 million homes

Council recycling rates have fallen over five years, with half of local authorities recycling a lower proportion of household waste than in 2011-12.

Funding fall for energy-efficient homes

A new report from e3g has claimed that public investment in warm homes in England has been cut by 58 per cent since 2012.

Over 300 high-rises have Grenfell-style cladding

Government figures show that only seven social housing buildings have fully replaced their unsafe cladding in the wake of Grenfell Tower.

Two new affordable housing schemes in Manchester

Manchester City Council will discuss two new housing schemes that will make affordable homes available for first time buyers.

Increasing childcare costs undermining policies

The Family and Childcare Trust’s annual survey has revealed that the cost of childcare in Britain has surged to double the rate of inflation.

Northamptonshire CC leader loses no confidence vote

Northamptonshire County Council leader Heather Smith has lost a no-confidence motion among her Conservative group members.

Sunderland school better prepared for flooding

The Environment Agency has been helping a Sunderland school become better prepared for flooding by installing a rain garden planter.

Waltham Forest crowned London Borough of Culture

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced Waltham Forest as the first borough to be awarded the London Borough of Culture title next year.

Coventry-based engineering firm Aurrigo

Smart Cambridge has been awarded £3.2 million to develop autonomous shuttle service as part of its public transport network.

‘Flourishing’ children’s social care praised in Leeds

Ofsted inspectors have highlighted Leeds City Council’s services for children in care as ‘flourishing’.