Free childcare offers to continue during Covid-19 closures

Funding for the government’s early years entitlements will continue during any periods of nursery, preschool or childminder closures.

Better play streets support can tackle loneliness

Resident-organised playing out sessions are a proven way for children to meet and play with each other and tackle global isolation.

School exclusions being driven by ‘perverse incentives’

'Perverse incentives’ are driving an alarming trend of schools excluding pupils to boost their league table standings.

School dinners ‘led to fall in childhood obesity rates’

A new University of Essex study has found that free school meals is a useful weapon in the fight against childhood obesity.

Safeguarding system needs to do more against abuse

An independent panel has argued that the safeguarding system needs to do more to protect children from abuse and neglect.

Poor local transport linked to struggling schools

There is an alarming overlap between places in England with slow public transport and places with struggling secondary schools.

UK in danger of failing a generation of children

The RCPCH has warned that the UK is in danger of ‘failing a generation’ of children, with progress of health well-being having stalled.

Youth services key to cutting crime and loneliness

Over half of young people feel that a primary purpose of youth services should be to keep young people off the streets.

The LGA has warned that reductions in adult education funding have coincided with a drop of 3.8 million adult learners since 2010.

Debts are putting children's care at risk

Six of the 10 largest independent groups of providers of children’s residential and fostering placements had more debts and liabilities than

Childcare costs surge at over double the rate of inflation

A new survey has revealed that parents in the UK are paying five per cent more for childcare for under-twos than they were one year ago.

Councils to overspend on children’s social care by £3.2bn

Funding pressures have forced councils to overspend on children’s social care budgets by more than £3 billion in the past five years.

£1.5 million for 20mph roads in Somerset

Ambitious plans to keep children safe by installing an advisory 20mph zone outside every school in Somerset have been announced.

DfE approves early years apps

Parents are set to benefit from new technology to support their children learning at home, with six new apps now available.

Adult Education Budget in Tees Valley rises to £30.6m

The Department for Education has confirmed that it will increase the Adult Education Budget for the Tees Valley to £30.6 million for 2020/21.