Controversial Tory education measures leaked

Policy proposals for schools in England have been leaked, including plans to convert local authority maintained schools to academies.

Councils overspend £800m on children's social care

Councils were forced to overspend on their children’s social care budgets by nearly £800 million last year.

Secondary crisis looms next year, warn councils

Despite thousands of new secondary school places having been created by councils, children still face the prospect of missing out on a place.

Devolve funding to get more young people into work

Councils can get more young people into work, education and training if they are given greater powers over the national skills and employment system.

Over a million children have gone hungry this summer

Government figures suggest that millions of children across England have gone hungry over the summer holidays.

Homeless children growing up in shipping containers

A new report has revealed how some homeless children are living in converted shipping containers and office blocks and B&Bs.

Car Free Zones introduced outside six Glasgow schools

A trial of car free zones that will improve road safety at six Glasgow primary schools will begin on the first day of new school term.

£5.5m funding proposals for children in Stoke-on-Trent

A consultation has been launched by Stoke-on-Trent Council on proposals to fund a £5.5 million redirection of cash to children’s services.

50,000 children in care where council services are failing

The number of vulnerable children being cared for in areas where council services are failing is going up.

£1.1 million libraries investment in Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire libraries are set to introduce Open Access (self-service) technology, after securing £1.1 million capital investment.

Parents say children need more playgrounds

New research from the Association of Play Industries has claimed that parents are worried about the shift from outdoor play to indoor screen time.

Care system in England is struggling to cope

The Children’s Commissioner has found that the number of children in care aged 13 or over rose by 21 per cent between 2013 and 2018.

Combined authorities take control of adult education budgets

The six mayoral combined authorities and the Greater London Authority are now accountable for administering adult education budgets.

Schools in violent areas should have police officers

Home Affairs Committee has claimed that schools in areas with a higher risk of youth violence should be given dedicated police officers.

Attainment gap widens for disadvantaged pupils

Progress to close the achievement gap for poorer pupils in England's secondary schools is reaching a ‘standstill’.


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