Urgency needed to tackle childhood obesity

It is not clear whether the government’s plan to tackle rising childhood obesity will be able to make the step change needed in the timescale available.

Financial crisis leaving vulnerable children at risk

Vulnerable children are facing a dangerous reduction in support as councils cut services to fill the financial black hole left by coronavirus.

Many childcare providers facing big financial problems

The loss of income from parent-paid fees since March will mean that many childcare providers face a tough time keeping their doors open.

Secondary school places likely to run out within five years

Up to a third of local areas in England risk being oversubscribed for secondary school places within five years.

Campaigners say hundreds of libraries could close

Hundreds of libraries across the UK could be closed amid the economic devastation wrought by coronavirus.

Labour calls for ‘Close the Gap’ strategy

Labour has called for a national ‘Close the Gap’ strategy for school catch-up, as studies suggest closures have widened the gap between pupils.

Labour pushes for delayed GCSE and A-level exams

Next year's A-level and GCSE exams should be pushed back to mid-summer to help cope with the impact of coronavirus, says Labour.

Not enough support on childcare post-lockdown

The Early Years Alliance has reported that half of parents feel that the government hasn’t given enough support on childcare post-lockdown.

The learning gap for primary pupils is widening again

The learning gap between rich and poor primary age pupils in England has widened for the first time since 2007.

Government reverses guidance on face masks in schools

Secondary school pupils in England will have to wear masks in school corridors in local lockdown areas of England.

Daily operations to remove rotten teeth in children rising

Councils have warned of a potential post-coronavirus surge of dental treatments following the lifting of lockdown.

Apprenticeship opportunities tripled across London

There has been a 14 per cent increase in the number of apprenticeships created directly by boroughs this year.

Ofsted to begin local authority visits in September

Ofsted has announced that it will begin visits to local authorities and children's social care providers from September 2020.

Extend free school meals to migrant families

Free school meals should be permanently extended to the children of migrants who are currently ineligible for public support, say charities.

Labour calls for a Regional Opportunities Guarantee

Labour is urging the government to introduce a Regional Opportunities Guarantee as part of the Kickstarter Scheme.