Councils urged to collect gendered health data to tackle inequality

The report, entitled ‘Men Behaving Badly? Ten Questions Council Scrutiny Can Ask About Men’s Health’, was published by the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CPS) and the Men’s Health Forum (MHF) and argues that without understanding the difference between men and women’s health outcomes, it is impossible for council’s to accurately tailor health services.

It found that the lack of tailored services has a greater impact on men, who on average have worse health than women across a number of areas, with an average life expectancy four years less than women in the UK and a 37 per cent higher risk of dying from cancer.

Martin Tod, chief executive at Men’s Health Forum, said: “In the UK, one man in five dies before the age of sixty-five. Our new guide is designed to help councils and councillors play their part in tackling that.

“Most of the difference in life expectancy and health between men and women - and men in different areas and communities - tracks back to lifestyle factors. Councillors can take a leading role in addressing these issues and urge local health services to take action.”

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