Up to £500 a year could be saved on energy bills

New legislative powers will allow laws to be passed in devolved areas without seeking UK government or parliament approval

'My 2050' asks people for ideas for a secure low carbon economy

For every new police officer a borough pays for, the Mayor of London will recruit another

Ministers currently decide hydro schemes over 1MW

Joint function will save both forces around £654,000 in its first full year

Compare Renewables is designed partly to help councils capitalise on the deregulation of the national grid

European member states will work together to promotes interests of small and medium sized enterprises

Zero Waste Scotland outlines how simple steps such as identifying materials to be reused could save money

New report outlines plans to adopt a new ecosystem approach

Joint statement states that both countries are working on radical and transformative plans to decarbonise energy supplies

Funding will encourage small and medium sized companies to take on staff


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