Kober calls for more power for Londoners

The newly elected chair of London Councils, Claire Kober, has called for further power and resources to be devolved from Whitehall to London’s local government, in order to protect Londer’s public services and quality of life.

London Councils is a cross-party organisation which represents London’s 32 boroughs and the City of London Corporation. The comment follows Kober’s election as chair of the group at the Leaders’ Committee.

Commenting on her appointment, Kober said: “Building on our work with the London Finance Commission, we have been working with the Mayor to develop plans that sustain growth and improve public services through devolution to City Hall and the boroughs.

“We have worked closely with the Core Cities, which includes Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol, to develop devolution ambitions and to establish a platform that gives communities across England more power over the things that impact on their lives.

"In the aftermath of the European Referendum 2016, it’s vital that central Government gives more power to London boroughs to work with the Mayor to get on with the job. From finance to the integration of health and care, from housing to skills and employment, London’s boroughs have a vital role in sustaining the position of this great city.

"Bringing London together at this time is essential and London Councils – a cross party organisation which represents the boroughs and the City of London - is well placed to meet this challenge. It is an honour to be elected to serve London local government and our capital in this critical role.”