Schemes in Merthyr include an enhanced highway system and development of a major new public square in the town centre.

Scheme aims to help children improve their recycling and save money.

£20,000 up for grabs for four electoral wards.

Projects will focus on delivering benefits for the natural environment.

It will help deliver an estimated 28,000 jobs and £7.1bn in value to Scotland's economy over the coming decade.

Almost 3,000 homes to get insulation and biomass heating.

Homes will meet Level 4 of the government's Code for Sustainable Homes.

Scheme cost approximately £7m.

Device will help people identify how much energy they are using and help save costs.

Funding targeted at 11 boroughs hosting Olympic and Paralympic venues.

Westminster Council, Hammersmith and Fulham Council and Kensington and Chelsea launch a project to share services, with plans to be agreed by February 2011

Energy procurement practices improved, and outdated heating and lighting equipment updated.