Devolution Act comes into force

Local leaders will be able to take control of their own affairs after the Cities and Local Government Devolution Act receives Royal Assent today, 28 January.

Following the trailblazing Greater Manchester deal, and subsequent deals in Liverpool City Region, Tees Valley, the North East and Sheffield City Region, local leaders in five northern areas will now see new powers handed to them from Westminster, alongside their counterparts in the West Midlands and Cornwall.

Chancellor to the Exchequer George Osborne said: “Our devolution revolution is the most fundamental shake up of the way the country is governed in a generation, and these new laws are a clear signal of our commitment to end the old model of running everything out of London.

“Fixing the current broken system of financing local government will be a huge boost to local growth, help attract business and create jobs. It’s the most concerted effort to change the geographical imbalance that has bedevilled the British economy for half a century.”

The Act will allow elected mayors to cover and chair a combined authority area. It will allow the devolution of functions, including transport, health, skills, planning and job support, as well as enable the creation of sub-national transport bodies which will advise the government on strategic schemes and investment priorities in their own area.