Public sector organisations in Cardiff sign Healthy Travel Charter

Cardiff’s leading public sector organisations have signed the newly developed Healthy Travel Charter, committing themselves to supporting and encouraging their staff and visitors to travel in a sustainable way to and from their sites.

The organisations, which include Cardiff Council, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Sport Wales and Welsh Ambulance, collectively employ over 33,000 members of staff in the city of Cardiff, whom they will be encouraging to make a healthy and sustainable change to the way they travel.

Between them, they hope to reduce the proportion of journeys commuting to and from work made by car from 62 per cent to 52 per cent, increasing the proportion of staff cycling weekly to and from work from 14 per cent to 23 per cent, and increase the proportion of vehicles used during the day which are plug-in hybrid or pure electric from one per cent to three per cent by 2022.

Huw Thomas, leader of Cardiff Council, said "We are delighted that members of Cardiff Public Services Board, along with other public sector organisations in the city, are joining together to make this important series of pledges to support people to travel more sustainably in our city. As a council we are committed to cleaning the air in Cardiff and are currently consulting on our Clean Air Strategy, which includes measures to improve the active travel infrastructure in the city and reduce emissions from public transport."​

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