North Lanarkshire Council investigates corruption allegations

North Lanarkshire Council has launched an investigation into allegations of corruption, after an anonymous letter was received claiming serious deceitful behavior in the council’s procurement process.

Jim Logue, leader of the council, said it has made the police aware of the situation and pledged to hand over any evidence discovered by the council’s internal audit team.

Logue said: “These allegations, which are detailed, concern some of the council's procurement processes. If true, they are extremely serious. It is essential that the people of North Lanarkshire are able to have full confidence in the way the council conducts its business and I am determined that we are transparent at all times.

“Although these are currently unsubstantiated, anonymous allegations I believe that it is right to carry out a full investigation and share any evidence which comes to light with the police. As that investigation is now under way, it would be inappropriate for the council to comment further.”