Aberdeen City Council's combined heat and power scheme could be extended

A report to be considered by the Housing and Environment Committee recommends that Aberdeen City Council's combined heat and power (CHP) scheme be rolled out  to 741 more flats.

The scheme is already in operation in 14 multi-storey blocks in Stockethill, Hazlehead and Seaton and the report proposes also linking Bayview, Northsea, Aulton, Beachview, Balgownie, Inverdon, St Ninians and Lord Hays Courts to the scheme.

The scheme will cut the cost of heating flats in the blocks and fuel poverty proof them, and would also cut carbon dioxide emissions and ensure the hard-to-heat flats meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard in terms of energy efficiency.

Councillors are asked to enter into an agreement with Aberdeen Heat and Power, to develop and manage CHP schemes, to undertake the £4.36m works over two years.

Funding for the first year’s work is available in the Housing Capital Programme.

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