Programme to help Welsh SME's go green is launched

A programme aimed at helping Welsh businesses profit from the renewable energy sector has been launched.

The programme will help Welsh Small and Medium Enterprises achieve the necessary accreditation to install microgeneration technology such as solar panels and heat pumps.

Through the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), small and medium sized renewable energy installation companies will be able to access interest free loans to cover the cost of gaining MCS accreditation.

Eligible companies will also be able to access the services of a development officer who will provide free and impartial advice to guide them through the accreditation process.

The programme will allow Welsh companies to benefit from the growth in the renewable industry stimulated by Feed-in Tariffs, which will enable businesses, communities or individuals to be paid for the renewable electricity they generate and export to the grid.

Environment Minister Jane Davidson said: "The programme will ensure that businesses in Wales have every opportunity to reap the economic benefits associated with our move to renewable and low carbon energy solutions."

Further information:
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