NHS should get £5bn ‘Brexit bonus’

Former Conservative Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said that the NHS should get a ‘Brexit bonus’ of £5 billion a year.

As part of his address at the NHS Providers annual lecture, Lansley claimed that the public had a right to expect extra funding, which should be in place by 2019-2020, due to Leave campaigners saying that the £350 million a week the UK paid into the bloc's budget would be spent on the NHS instead as part of their EU referendum campaign.

The figure remains contentious, and with the NHS currently facing a host of financial challenges, Lansley believes ‘the public have a right to expect’ extra NHS funding.

He said: “At the referendum, on one hand the public were told that staying in would mean a strong economy and more money for the NHS. On the other hand the public were told that leaving would mean redirecting the EU budget and more money for the NHS.

“So for political reasons, both campaigns told the public that whatever was going to happen in the future, there would be more money for the NHS. So the public have a right to expect it. They have a right to expect a Brexit bonus for the NHS."

Langley also called for ministers to commit to spending seven per cent of GDP on the NHS

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