Cardiff Council to consider £8bn tidal lagoon

Cardiff Council cabinet is expected to hear progress proposals for an £8 billion tidal lagoon in Cardiff Bay, which would be big enough to provide enough electricity for the whole of Wales.

Expected to take seven years to build, the lagoon would be of international significance’, and considerably bigger than one already planned for Swansea Bay. It estimates the Cardiff lagoon would provide eight times the power but at six times the cost of the Swansea project.

Tidal Lagoon Power plans for the first, smaller lagoon off Swansea to be a test bed for the technology, before pursuing plans for full-scale projects - including other lagoons off Colwyn Bay, Newport and Bridgwater Bay off the Somerset coast - to deliver energy at the right price and provide a beneficial economic impact.

The proposals include: a breakwater which would be 13.5 miles (22km) long and the wall would be twice the length of the proposed Swansea lagoon; 60 to 90 turbines; an installed capacity of 1,800-2,800 MW and annual output of 4-6 TWh would be ‘comfortably enough’ to provide low carbon electricity to power every home in Wales; and a life of 120 years and be able to operate 14 hours a day.

Additionally, plans suggest the lagoon could create 1,000 permanent jobs.

If discussions go well, plans are expected to be put forward in 2018 with the hope of a decision the following year.