ClientEarth win High Court air pollution case

Activist lawyers from ClientEarth have won a third High Court victory over the UK government's plans to tackle air pollution.

Mr Justice Garnham said that the government plan was ‘unlawful’ and that more action was needed in 45 English local authority areas and said that steps had to be taken to comply with the law as soon as possible, with current cations deemed ‘not sufficient’.

The ruling also means that ClientEarth can immediately bring the government back to court if it prepares a plan which is unlawful. ClientEarth had previously won two rulings against government ministers over the pollution levels, forcing the government to draw up new plans last year for reducing nitrogen dioxide, much of which comes from vehicles, to within legal limits.

Anna Heslop said: “The Judge has effectively allowed us to bring this matter straight back to court without delay if the government continues to fall short of its duties. We are extremely grateful for this because it means we will be able to monitor the government’s actions even more effectively and hold them to account.”