Considerate Parking Initiative launched

Scarborough Borough Council has launched a new scheme to eradicate the issue of inconsiderate parking and the negative impact it can have on local communities.

The ‘Considerate Parking Initiative’ will enable police community support officers and the Council’s own civil enforcement officers to leave an advice notice on cars parked inconsiderately, such as blocking driveways, parking on grass verges or pavements, or parking too close to road junctions.

The scheme will not fine drivers, as many of the offences are not illegal, but is hoping to raise an awareness of the unnecessary consequences such actions can bring.

Cllr Andrew Backhouse, Scarborough Borough Council’s cabinet member responsible for parking, said: “We recognise the need in our borough to retain valuable parking space where possible and go as far as we can in tackling public concerns about anti-social parking. By highlighting the issues and asking motorists to be more considerate, we hope the need for further regulation and enforcement can be avoided.”

If successful, the scheme has the potential to be used across other areas of North Yorkshire.