Ludlow to lose vital services

Ludlow is expected to lose a number of its public services, after it was announced that Shropshire Council would be withdrawing from discretionary services amid financial concerns.

The future of Ludlow services, including its library, leisure centre and youth services have been thrown into uncertainty, after Ludlow Town Council decided it would not step in and pick up the role from Shropshire Council.

Shropshire Council had given Ludlow Town Council the option of attempting to take over running of the services, but the suggestion was rejected after it was highlighted the move would involve tripling the local council tax precept from £100 to £300.

Councillors have maintained that while they do not want lose the services, the proposal that Ludlow should take over as a provider would be unrealistic.

However, Andy Boddington, who represents Ludlow Town Council, has argued that the situation is unfair. He highlighted that Shropshire Council was spending £15 million on an IT system, in addition to £600,000 in consultancy fees, whilst making significant cuts to front-line services.