Calls for police to investigate Thanet council over alleged fraud

The Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) has called for the police to investigate alleged fraud over Thanet District Council’s use of a European Union grant.

Acting on information from a whistleblower, the GIAA investigated a €160,282 grant from the the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) towards a 2005 project to dredge the Port of Ramsgate to allow bigger vessels to use it.

The whistleblower suggested that the work was not carried out and only routine dredging took place, which was covered in the Council’s budget.

The report from the GIAA found that Council staff were aware that the works required under the conditions of the funding had not been carried out and that the grant from the ERDF was reportedly set aside and then subsequently reallocated to the Port of Ramsgate budget.

The GIAA has concluded that the police should be asked to fully investigate the alleged fraud.