Hampshire and Isle of Wight councils reject ‘metro mayor’ proposal

As part of their devolution deal, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight councils have announced that they reject the government’s proposal to have a directly elected mayor.

The local authorities have laid out their recommendations concerning the delivery of low-cost housing, funding for vital infrastructures and the local decision making process, but argue Whitehall’s request for the election of a ‘metro mayor’ is not suitable for diverse rural areas.

Councillor Roy Perry, leader of Hampshire County Council, said: “The government has said many times, as they roll out devolution across England, that there is no one-size fits all model. So what is this obsession with 'Metro-Mayors'?’

Perry also pointed out that in Britain the prime minister is not directly elected but drawn from representatives in parliament.

He added: “That is the model, that has been used for devolution in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and it seems to be totally appropriate in England.”