Bristol must find £44m to address budget gap, mayor says

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees has said the council must generate £44 million in savings by next year, in order to address a £60 million budget gap.

Rees made the announcement in order to update residents following a pledge he made during his inauguration speech. Rees informed that the council expects to save a similar to figure those projected in its current ‘Medium Term Financial Plan 2013/14-16/17, with a worst-case scenario of £8 million of cost pressure in social care.

Rees added that the cost pressure would have been much higher at £12 million if not for the two per cent adult social care levy.

Rees commented: “This is part of my administration’s inheritance and we will do all we can to limit the impact of this stark reality.

“The council has worked hard to make savings so far, but this really underlines the crippling burden being placed on local government by the much-maligned austerity measures of the government, coupled with the growing need for vital services such as social care.

“Cuts in services provided by Bristol City Council risk increasing costs faced by other city services: providers such as health and education, and the wider economy as a whole.”