Planners and developers reminded of new green standards for new homes

Planners and developers are being reminded that all planning applications for new homes in Wales will be expected meet Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes from 1 September 2010.

For new homes this will reduce their carbon footprint by more than 31 per cent compared to current building regulations through energy efficiency measures and renewable energy, reduce the consumption of water and ensure the use of more sustainable materials.

The standards have been in place for new homes built on sites of five or more residential units for the last year.

The move to make the built environment much more sustainable will be further complemented by the devolution of building regulations to Wales.

It will also contribute to the Assembly Government’s targets to reduce emissions by three per cent from 2011.

Delivering buildings to a higher standard may also help to generate demand for low carbon, resource efficient and eco-friendly products and services.

Environment Minister Jane Davidson said: "I am committed to making sure that Wales reduces its carbon footprint to protect the environment for future generations."

"We know that the built environment is the largest contributor to green house gases in Wales and that the way we construct our homes and buildings accounts for 40 per cent of our total carbon emissions."

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