Nottingham to be free from single-use plastic by 2023

Nottingham City Council is pledging to stop using single-use plastic over the next four years as part of its new Council Plan.

The local authority has an action plan which includes looking at ways to reduce the use of plastics at events in the city, promoting the use of refill bottles and food containers and replacing recycling bags with wheelie bins. Additionally, local businesses will be encouraged to become a free water refill station.

Following growing public concern about the environment and the impacts of plastics in oceans and natural landscapes, a voluntary Plastics Taskforce led by the council’s Energy Services team will address the actions needed to help the council achieve its goal.

Sally Longford, deputy leader of the council, said: “I have been working with various teams to address ways in which we can become less reliant on single-use plastics. This is not a simple task and each area of the council will have its own priorities to be considered. “We are determined to do our bit to respond to the climate emergency because as a responsible large employer we can have a big impact. We also want to lead by example and show others what they can do to improve their impact on the environment.”

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