Flooding causes dumping of 30,000 tonnes of household goods

Almost 30,000 tonnes of water-damaged household goods have had to be dumped in landfill sites after the winter floods, new research by the Local Government Association (LGA) has revealed.

The research suggests that this has been to the cost of £2.25 million in landfill tax as a result, with the LGA calling for all landfill tax, which is calculated at just over £82 per tonne, to be invested back in to projects that will support local jobs and growth, rather than go to the Treasury.

Items affected by flood water cannot be recycled as they are classed as ‘contaminated' and have to be taken to landfill. Such waste includes ruined furniture, carpets, as well as damaged fridges and freezers.

Cllr Peter Box, LGA Environment spokesman, said: “As items are ‘contaminated' with floodwater, councils cannot recycle them and they have to be taken to landfill sites – which is costing millions. We are calling on government to allow councils to keep all of this landfill tax. This money could make a major difference in helping councils to continue their sterling work with the massive clear-up and returning households and businesses to normality."