Lambeth council to review security after aggressive protests

Lambeth council is set to review its security and access arrangements after council staff and councillors were subject to aggression and abuse from protestors.

The councils reported several incidents of disruptive abusive and intimidating behaviour at council meetings by a small staunch group of campaigners.

Lambeth local authority is now due to review arrangements for public meetings in a consultation with the police, who have been forced to attend meeting in recent months.

Commenting on the news, Lib Peck, leader of Lambeth Council, said: 'It is a very sad state of affairs when public servants are abused simply for doing their job.

“Lambeth is a borough with very strong communities, huge diversity and a high level of political engagement, that is one of the things that makes Lambeth such a special place. Most people coming to public meetings do so to engage and debate peacefully. However a small hardcore mob seem intent on disruptive, aggressive behaviour and it simply will not be tolerated.”