Progress towards a ‘flood-ready Yorkshire’

Council leaders from across Yorkshire are meeting to consider the future effects of climatic change and work together for a ‘flood-ready Yorkshire’.

The collaborative forum will look at the best ways to manage the rising risks posed by flooding from local rivers and ensure that the region’s authorities take a strong collaborative approach to a risk which doesn’t respect boundaries.

City of York Council is currently working with the Environment Agency on a £45 million programme following the impacts of the Boxing Day Floods, and will draw on experiences from the 2000, 2012 and 2015 floods.

Mary Weastell, chief executive of City of York Council, said: “Flooding is a very complex picture, so we have to make sure that reducing and mitigating the risk is central to everything we do, from managing moorland to planning policies.

“The risks aren’t contained within local authority boundaries and it is important to consider more collaborative solutions. The attendance at this forum shows the clear leadership commitment to giving our region a more resilient and sustainable future, while protecting our residents, communities and businesses. It is very fundamental that the region is working together on this key priority for us all and I am very proud that York is taking such a crucial role."

The forum will include representatives from the region’s 22 local authorities, Yorkshire Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, the Environment Agency and Defra.