Composting Surrey household waste could save £8.7 million a year

Residents in Surrey are bring encouraged to save money by home composting and in return reduce waste going to landfill.

Around a third of the 536,000 tonnes of household waste produced in Surrey each year is estimated to be able to be composted, which would save the county an estimated £8.7 million in reduced landfill and green waste disposal costs each year.

Items that can be composted include everyday kitchen waste such as tea bags, egg boxes and vegetable peelings, and garden waste such as grass cuttings, twigs and wood chippings.

However, findings from a recent waste prevention survey, carried out in the county, showed that just over half of all residents who have a garden don't compost at home, potentially unaware of the benefits home composting can have on their purse and the environment.

Surrey Waste Partnership spokesperson Dr Lynne Hack said: "Composting at home is the most environmentally friendly way to deal with compostable items of household waste because it involves no travel or processing and produces peat-free compost."

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