Nottingham-Derbyshire devolution deal rejected by council

South Derbyshire District Council has rejected the proposed North Midlands Devolution Deal.

The proposed deal is the first devolution plan to include county, city, borough ad district councils, and would involve the installation of an elected mayor for the single combined authority from 2017.

However, Cllr Bob Wheeler has argued that there is a lack of clarity and detail in the plans, first announced in January, questioning the impact that an elected mayor would have on all authorities involved. Wheeler has stated that South Derbyshire District Council will not participate in any deal and that none of its funds will be contributed towards it.

Wheeler said: "Our concerns include how appropriate an elected mayor would be for an area as diverse as Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, as well as the cost and impact the deal would have on the other authorities concerned.

"We simply don't know in detail what the powers of an elected mayor or combined authority would be. We can't recommend getting on a bus when we don't know what the fare is and we don't know where it's going."