Make cycling inclusive to double cycling

An inclusive transport system is central to a fairer economy and society, but urban transport is often biased and unequal, writes Tim Burns

Air pollution; we need to act now

In a country with world-leading emissions data, there is no excuse for inaction, says the British Safety Council's Matthew Holder

How taking back your empties will transform recycling in Scotland

Iain Gulland explains why Scotland’s Deposit Return Scheme will aid the fight against climate change by encouraging better recycling

Why go franchising?

The British Franchise Association explains how the franchising sector has changed in recent years and what opportunities it presents for the public sector

Making place based approach a reality – from tech to culture

Georgina Maratheftis, head of local government at techUK, explains how the technology sector can be involved in a place based approach to local services

Reducing food waste in Scotland

Iain Gulland outlines how the agency is helping Scottish councils to reduce food waste and recycle more where food waste is unavoidable

Investing in hospitality to boost our high streets

UKHospitality has repeatedly called on councils to change their approach to hospitality by acting more proactively in a spirit of cooperation

IT security: patching makes perfect

Sascha Giese explains how patch management can help keep public sector IT systems watertight

Cloud migration: The key considerations for the public sector

A sound migration strategy will be vital to the success of the public sector migrating to the cloud, says Paul Mercina

How to tackle bullying in Westminster

What do politicians, civil servants and others need to do to tackle the issue of bullying and harassment in government?

Two-party electoral system close to fracturing

The local election results exposed England’s broken electoral system yet again, says Willie Sullivan of the Electoral Reform Society

The importance of communication in solving coffee cup waste

Phil Wild shares his view on why focusing on infrastructure and consumer communication is the way forward for local councils

Tackling work-related stress in the public sector

Rob McGreal, work-related stress policy lead at the Health & Safety Executive highlights the organisation’s do’s and don’ts for work-related stress

Secure data destruction and Brexit

What changes are secure data destruction companies seeing as a result of GDPR? The British Security Industry Association explores

Stay safe, get smart: the move to smart cities

Using surveillance technology, how do you make the move from safe city to smart city in these cash-strapped times?

An international city: Manchester meets world

Traditionally, Manchester is a city associated with the industrial revolution, music and sport. However, Marketing Manchester says they don’t tell the whole story

© Drone Surveying Ltd

The Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems UK address the use of drones in public services

Setting climate targets: when is net zero really net zero?

Jaise Kuriakose explains the terms ‘net zero’ and ‘carbon neutrality’, and how these are being used to set greenhouse gas mitigation targets