By promoting inclusion and considering a workforce planning approach to the jobs and skills needed by an organisation, we can ensure it achieves growth and delivers the services and outcomes needed by communities, writes Steve Davies of the Public Services People Managers Association (PPMA)

HR post-Covid: Growth, Sustainability and Inclusion

Steve Davies discusses the concept of pursuing growth, sustainability and inclusion to enable workforces to better deliver for their communities

Bullying kills and bullying devastates

Based around their Out of the Shadows campaign, the PPMA's Karen Grave discusses the issue of bullying and harassment within public services

Leadership is not an inherent trait of a few exceptional people, but a set of concrete skills, behaviours and knowledge that can be learnt over time. So what does a leader need to learn to perform well in a difficult environment, asks the CIPD’s Ruth Stuart

Louise Tibbert of the Public Sector People Managers’ Association examines the challenges of sustaining a good local government workforce and what future employment models might look like

Job cuts and wage freezes in the public sector can have a negative impact on staff morale. But with research suggesting that a happy workforce is a more productive workforce, Jessica Pryce-Jones argues that it only takes a few simple steps to improve staff happiness and wellbeing

We take a look at the impact of employee engagement on organisational  performance

With public sector spending under scrutiny, those that use consultants may have to justify expenditure. Jerome Reback, partner at Engage for Change, gives an eight point plan to drive value from a consultancy investment

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