Legal Technology and Consulting Services

The UK public sector has been undergoing a period of sustained change and financial contraction, alongside an increasing demand for essential services. At the same time, the public sector in the UK is creating, sharing and securing more electronic data than ever. The public appetite for transparency and accountability from society’s central institutions (achieved through Data Subject Access and Freedom of Information Requests) has never been greater. 
Managing information in response to these processes can be highly resource-intensive and pose significant legal risk. Traditionally, staff managing this work may need to maintain complex spreadsheets to track search methodologies and document decisions, with each entry reliant on human accuracy. Any new searches, questions or later challenges may cause large amounts of work to be redone. All this not only increases legal and reputational risk, but scales poorly with rapidly increasing data volumes and is less compatible with modern communications tools like WhatsApp and Teams.
Specialist technology platforms are frequently used to ensure that this work is done rigorously and efficiently. The term eDisclosure (or sometimes eDiscovery) is used to describe the systems, processes and practices associated with this work. As soon as a matter involves more than 300 pages or 50 documents, eDisclosure techniques will provide cost saving opportunities for public sector organisations. eDisclosure can assist public sector organisations to improve confidence and deliver value.
Anexsys was established in 2004 and offers dedicated legal technology and consultancy services to the UK public sector, law firms and corporations. Anexsys provides services including data collection, computer forensics, data processing, document hosting, managed services and outsourced review. Our facilities and datacentres are based in the UK and are ISO 27001:2013 accredited and Cyber Essentials Plus certified.
All our eDisclosure staff are cleared to at least HM Government SC and NPPV3 level. We are trusted by the Government Legal Department to handle government material at Secret and Top Secret level. We are one of only a few companies able to supply the full range of litigation support services, ranging from digital forensics and collection (using forensic professionals with expert witness experience), through to data processing and document hosting, as well as managed document review and hard copy services.
We offer tooling and platforms to support DSAR and FOIA projects including: 
Timeline Visualisation - Timelining tools can quickly build an accurate picture of staff interactions even when dispersed across channels such as chat messages, emails and file systems. Any electronic data can be arranged into a meaningful chronology. Timelining rapidly decreases the time required to make decisions, increasing confidence and reducing cost.
Early Data Assessment – We provide a wide range of tools that allow teams to quickly understand large data sets and summarise the key activities over a period. Concept clustering uses linguistic and statistical methods to group related words, phrases, and documents into clusters that can then be used to classify the documents, identify topics, and uncover evidence. Sentiment analysis can be used to determine the emotional tone behind a piece of text and gauge the opinion of the author. Rapid insight into the case, gained through tools like these, enables quicker decision making and reduces costs. 
Specialist Support - Our eDisclosure consultants can forensically collect, sift, and sort even the most unstructured of Office365 drives and unregistered data repositories. Our workflow specialists can design efficient, legally defensible processes. Our review teams can examine the document set quickly to determine how much material should be released and what redactions need to be applied. 
Dedicated Review Teams - We can provide BPSS or SC cleared legal qualified document reviewers to support the review of materials for DSARs and FOIA requests. 
Redaction Solutions - The nature of personal data within public sector organisations means that redaction to protect the privacy of any third parties is almost always a crucial activity whenever material is to be released. Manual redaction relies on human accuracy and processes that are often circuitous, leaving room for error and confusion. Our platform applies redactions to documents securely, with customisable features and a full audit capability. It removes the need for risky workaround processes such as ‘flattening’ black highlight text onto re-saved PDF documents, which can then be removed with PDF editing software.
Projects can be stood up in as little as 24 hours and last for a few days or several months. Clear tables of rates and detailed live dashboards provide cost clarity and help managers retain control of budgets. Our services can be conveniently accessed through the Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 13 or the RM6336 framework, each of which provides template terms for ease of contracting.