Plastics sorting facility opens in Blackwood

A plastics sorting facility has opened in Blackwood, which will enable 12,000 tonnes of plastic bottles a year to be turned into clean plastic ‘flakes’.

The flakes will then be supplied as raw material to two plastic manufacturers in the South Wales area, and will help those manufacturers to reduce their spend on materials and their carbon footprint.

Once the Plastics Sorting plant is operating at full capacity and processing 24, 0000 tonnes of plastic per year, it hopes to supply plastic manufacturers from across the UK.

The new facility has benefited from £1.3 million of Welsh Assembly Government funding and will bring up to 30 new green jobs to the Blackwood area.

Environment Minister Jane Davidson said: "The plant will transform materials that were formerly sent to landfill into feedstock for Welsh manufacturers."

"These sorts of sustainable ventures, with a focus on recycling and reuse, are key to us achieving our ambitions of become a zero waste country by 2050."

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