DotComUnity and Special Friends team up to benefit people with learning difficulties

Online resources DotComUnity and Special Friends Online have joined together to help people with learning difficulties get involved with everyday activities including social networking and leisure pursuits.

Through the partnership, DotComUnity and Special Friends Online hope to encourage the people each supports to sign up free of charge so they can meet new people, try out new opportunities and broaden their interests, and see the intoduction of links to each website.

Special Friends Online, provides a safe and secure social networking environment, with 24-hour moderation. The site also incorporates 'Smiley Talk', a special language with smiley face icons, hundreds of questions and answers all pre-set for use by people who have problems using a keyboard or simply knowing what to say.

Special Friends will offer DotComUnity members the opportunity to meet people and make friends with like-minded individuals from 52 countries around the world.

DotComUnity, will provide Special Friends members the opportunity to find out about events and social activities taking place in their region, as well as local support services such as employment and financial advice.

The website will also allow members to leave reviews about their experiences and the services they have encountered via DotComUnity.

Martin Harris, creator of Special Friends Online, said: "We think DotComUnity complements our site in a great way and I’m sure our members will be able to discover a host of exciting opportunities that they can get involved in with their friends via DotComUnity."

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