Travel Plans is launched to help smarter travel planning

Travel Plans has been launched to help people and organisations choose alternative ways to travel.

The free online resource aims to promote smarter travel planning among businesses, communities and individuals in their regions and has been developed in partnership with the Greater Manchester Transportation Unit, Rochdale and Wigan councils on behalf of then Greater Manchester authorities.

It is designed by d2 Digital and contains a series of measures and tools for authorities to assist in all aspects of travel planning, from planning guidance in major building developments to the promotion of alternatives to single occupancy car travel for commuters in their region.

The web-service offers reports, regional specific data and a step by step guide on developing a travel plan while communicating the benefits of travel planning for organisations, ranging from a healthier, more productive workforce to cost saving on parking and the benefits to the environment.

Steve Glazebrook, Smarter Choices Officer for Greater Manchester, who has been leading the programme said: "The benefits of effective travel planning stretch across every aspect in the remit of local authorities, from employees, community, environment and business, right down to the individual resident"

"It is a great example of how authorities can come together to develop one rich resource from which all can benefit."

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