Lincolnshire mayoral combined authority plans remain unclear

Plans to create a Mayoral Combined Authority for Greater Lincolnshire are still unclear after votes were collated from each of the 10 councils involved in the decision.

If approved, the deal would appoint a directly-elected mayor, who would oversee transport, housing, skills training and flood prevention service. However all 10 councils need to support the plans.

Eight councils voted in favour of the proposal, including: Boston Borough Council; City of Lincoln Council; East Lindsey District Council; North East Lincolnshire Council; North Lincolnshire Council; North Kesteven District Council; South Holland District Council; and West Lindsey District Council.

Lincolnshire County Council and South Kesteven District Council voted against the plan.

Gary Porter, South Holland District Council leader, who voted in favour of the deal, said: "I would much rather the people of Lincolnshire were served by people in Lincolnshire making decisions for them, rather than have to rely on people in Whitehall.”