£105m boost for joined up care in Wales

The Welsh Government has announced that a £10 million a year fund will be boosted to £105 million over the next three years to help deliver more joined up care closer to home.

Huw Irranca-Davies, Minister for Children, Older People and Social Care, and Rebecca Evans, Housing and Regeneration Minister, made the announcement, which also includes plans to build homes to support people to live independently in their own communities.

The Integrated Care Fund, set up to support the integration of health, social care and housing , will receive a £75m boost over three years, in a bid to create more large-scale housing which integrates social care as well as other innovative approaches to the integration of health and social care. The fund will further support the role that appropriate housing can play in moving health and social services closer to communities.

Evans said: “This significant funding boost is aimed at helping those who need it to receive the right support, whether they are older people with complex needs and long term conditions, people with learning disabilities, children with complex health needs, or carers. We recognise how important housing can be to health. Housing can make a real difference in the lives of people - helping older people stay independent and out of care homes or hospital, for example.

“A three year programme will allow health boards, councils, housing associations and other bodies to plan carefully and manage larger projects to meet the needs of people locally. I am looking forward to seeing many more projects like this one come to fruition.”

Irranca-Davies added: “This significant increase in funding will help to deliver more projects that help people to live the lives they want to lead, while meeting their healthcare, or social care needs. Crucially, it will also help ensure that people can be discharged to appropriate support when they no longer need a hospital bed, freeing up NHS resources. Not all the funding will be about delivering housing-based projects, but we will continue to focus on providing seamless services, care closer to home, and helping people to live independent lives.”