Smart bike sharing platform launched in Newcastle

A smart & sustainable bike-share has announced it will be launching in Newcastle, following successful schemes in Manchester and London.

Following a partnership with British Cycling, Mobike will roll out an initial 1,000 of its iconic orange and silver bikes in the Newcastle City area at the beginning of October, as part of a wider aim to to get two million more people on bikes by 2020.

Manchester launched a similar scheme in July, with London doing similar in September, and has been praised in both cities as both a popular transport solution and a key contributor to long term sustainability and health goals.

As one of the UK’s eight Cycle Cities, Newcastle has made significant investment in cycling infrastructure, seeing the creation of a segregated two-way cycle lane, with dedicated signalised junctions, on John Dobson Street in the city centre.

Arlene Ainsley, cabinet member for Transport and Air Quality, said: “We are delighted to welcome Mobike to Newcastle. This is an innovative and exciting scheme, which has a proven track record, not only in Manchester and London but in cities around the world. By making bikes available and ready for use in a range of locations in the city, this initiative will bring new opportunities for more people to cycle, helping to reduce car journeys, which contribute to congestion and poor air quality.

"If we are to achieve real improvements in our city, in terms of making travel easier, safer and less polluting, then we need people to think about how they travel and, where possible, choose alternatives to the car. We believe that the launch of Mobike in Newcastle will enable more people to make that choice.”