Half of councils unsure of their carbon footprint

Almost half of English local authorities do not know their own carbon footprint, with 43 per cent admitting that they do not measure all energy use in relation to their built assets.

The ECA found that 47 per cent of councils say they do not have a plan in place for reducing the carbon emissions resulting from their built assets, which include housing, facilities, offices and other council-owned buildings.

The survey also found that council building energy usage is causing vast amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) to be pumped into the atmosphere each year. In fact, councils responding to the ECA say that 252,978 tonnes of CO2 resulted from their main HQ buildings – which is the equivalent of 150,000 return flights from London to New York. Additionally, the average annual carbon footprint of a council HQ building was 1,234 tonnes of CO2, however four produced more than 10,000 tonnes of CO2. The highest carbon footprint of a council HQ building was 18,200 tonnes of CO2, which came from a district council based in the East Midlands – which is the equivalent of 9,500 average train journeys.

On a more positive note, 78 per cent of the councils say they are planning towards net zero operation by 2050. Furthermore, 49 local authorities (23 per cent) stated that they would be carbon neutral by 2030. However, 11 of these 49 councils do not currently know their own carbon footprint.

Luke Osborne, ECA’s energy advisor, said: “It’s highly concerning that almost half of local authorities do not know how much carbon they are responsible for or have a plan in place to reduce this amount moving forward. Unless there is an imminent step change in their approach, it is inconceivable that councils are going to become carbon neutral in less than 30 years. There is a lot of rhetoric out there, but very few action plans.”

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