Lovell chosen for £4.5 million Birmingham affordable houses scheme

West Mercia Housing Group has chosen Lovell to build a £4.5 million affordable homes scheme at Longbridge, Birmingham, of 48 new houses and apartments.
The development in Thelbridge Road will consist of 28 houses and apartments for affordable rent and 20 for shared ownership, made up of 42 two, three and four bedroom houses and six two-bedroom apartments.

44 of the new homes will achieve Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, two will be built to Level 4 of the Code and two will be Birmingham's first affordable zero-carbon properties, achieving Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The homes are being built using an advanced Modern Methods of Construction thin joint mortar construction system, which allows homes to be built quickly to a high quality standard.

The Level 3 and 4 homes will have solar water heating panels, the Level 6 homes will have photovoltaic panels and Level 4 and 6 homes, as well as eight other properties, will have rainwater harvesting systems installed.

The Level 4 and 6 properties will also have mechanical ventilation with heat recovery systems which recycle ‘wasted’ heat from kitchen and bathroom areas which is used to warm incoming fresh air from outside.

The development is set to be completed in June 2011, and is the final phase of an £17.1 million development of the former Nimmings Farm Estate.

Nick Edge, development project manager from West Mercia Housing Group, said: "Thanks to the partnership, we will be able to provide eco-friendly affordable social housing ahead of current Government targets, benefitting both our tenants and the environment."

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