Cumbria on track for waste recycling targets

Latest performance figures have revealed that Cumbria County Council is on track to meet its waste recycling and composting targets.

The council’s cabinet has heard that the council will reach its target of recycling or composting 60 per cent of all waste taken to its 14 Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) throughout the county.

The statistics also highlight a projected reduction in the amount of household waste generated in Cumbria, with the average amount of household waste per person is forecast to fall to 488kg in 2017/18, compared with 497.8kg per person in 2015/16.

Additionally, as part of a councils trial, up to 3,000 tonnes of street sweeping waste is forecast to be recycled or composted during 2017/18.

Celia Tibble, cabinet member for environment, said: “Cumbria has a fantastic recycling rate and the waste plants in Barrow and Carlisle have been a key factor in the huge reduction in waste going to landfill and increase in recycling. This is not only good for the environment but also saves on landfill costs for the council. The latest waste recycling and composting figures are very encouraging and show the council’s waste prevention efforts are also paying off, with households in Cumbria on average set to produce less waste than in previous years.”

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