Report finds flexible working could boost public purse by £1.4bn

The Flex Factor, published by think tank RSA and Vodafone UK finds an average of five productive hours each week could be gained through better ways of working. This equal to £4,2000 per employee.

Although the report shows local government is a high adopter of flexible working, 11% of public sector employees who want to work flexibly aren’t being offered the chance. The report agues that productivity, performance and employee satisfaction are all linked to better ways of working.

Julian Thompson, director of enterprise at the RSA said: ‘Our findings show a strong link between the adoption of flexible working and service quality, as these working practices drive innovation and better utilisation of skills. In addition to enhancing existing services, this is vital if the public sector is going to find innovative approaches to tackling the mounting pressures and demands it faces, with limited resources.

‘Enabling people to work flexibly can make a significant difference to our country’s economic and social prosperity, both now and in the future.’

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