Barriers to SuDS adoption caused by lack of policy

Research, conducted by Engineering Nature’s Way, has suggested that the lack of a clear framework for the maintenance of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is seen by professionals as a key barrier to effective delivery and adoption.

SuDS: The State of the Nation 2016 highlighted that 69 per cent of respondents claim that uncertainty around the maintenance and through-life performance of SuDS components is presenting barriers to adoption, with 73 per cent seeking more standard technical guidance is needed.

The report also revealed that 79 per cent of respondents working with SuDS day-to-day believe that the government is not fully committed to long-term delivery, while 72 per cent believe it has not committed sufficient funds for satisfactory flood resilience.

Phil Collins, European sales director of Hydro International, said: “Strong concerns were expressed about the lack of a clear national framework for maintenance and adoption, together with uncertainty over which authorities or organisations should be liable for SuDS components over their lifecycle. Comments suggested a lack of confidence amongst some authorities about taking over ownership of SuDS from developers.

“There were also worries about the lack of arrangements in place for inspection of SuDS post-construction and for monitoring their ongoing performance, as well as for enforcement if SuDS features are not maintained as designed. Some people felt that a clearer national policy is needed to place a duty on public authorities, including water companies, to adopt SuDS.”