Trial to test usability of online government services

A number of people will be trialling government services on the GOV.UK site to test its ease-of-use.

The participants will be given the chance to create their own personal accounts to use on parts of GOV.UK.

The accounts will make it easier for people to find the services they need and will mean they don’t have to repeatedly fill in the same pieces of information, such as names and addresses, to access different government services.

Cabinet Office Minister, Julia Lopez, said: "People expect a modern and efficient service when they log on to GOV.UK and allowing people to set up their own accounts will make finding services and interacting with the Government much easier.

"I know how annoying it can be to have to input the same information into a website several times or fail to get an important update because you haven’t registered for a particular alert – having a GOV.UK account will prevent that."

If the initial trial is a success, it will be rolled out to allow more people to create GOV.UK accounts if they want to. Those who do not want to create an account will still be able to access the full range of Government services online.

The trial is designed to bring the Government website in line with other services, such as shopping, banking and entertainment websites, which allow people to log in to them to provide tailored services.

As well as providing a more seamless service, the trial will also help guide people around GOV.UK by using the information they provide to point them to services which may be relevant to them.

The trial will also allow users to say how they want their data to be used and guarantee that the necessary safeguards are in place to protect their information.