Hull Council considers fluoride plan to improve dental health

Hull City Council is considering a move to add fluoride to tap water as part of an attempt to reduce the tooth decay in the city.

The proposal is set to be discussed at a council meeting in November, while public consultation on the matter is due to take place next year.

Whilst Public Health England (PHE) has described fluoridation as a ‘safe and effective’ public health measure, some campaigners have opposed the plans as ‘mass medication’.

In a statement, Hull City Council said: "With advice from Public Health England (PHE), discussions are ongoing with all relevant parties to identify the potential costs and the exact extent of any residents that would be affected from local authorities outside of Hull."

According to a report by PHE, areas with fluoridation had a general tooth decay rate which was 15 per cent lower for five-year-olds and 11 per cent lower for 12-year-olds.

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