Dundee pledges five per cent of transport funding towards cycling

Dundee council has proposed that a minimum of five per cent of the council’s spend on roads and transportation will go towards improving cycling infrastructure.

The plans were initially published in a draft cycling strategy document in 2015, but have since been revised after six weeks of consultation with key decision makers and the city’s cyclists.

Bill Campbell, deputy convener of the council's city development committee, said: "This document comes as the culmination of a considerable amount of consultation, discussion and engagement with cyclists across the city.

"The strategy recognises the importance that the council places on cycling as a regular form of travel and exercise for many people and looks to ensure that is developed in future years."

If the plans are approved, a permanent cycling development officer post will be created, which would be partly funded by external sources such as Cycling Scotland and the Scottish government’s Smarter Choices
Smarter Places fund.