Guidance for councils on EV charging infrastructure

The Local Government Association (LGA) has published guidance for councils on their role in providing electric vehicle charge points.

The publication is intended as a guide for councillors to help them understand the current landscape for electric vehicle charging infrastructure and engage with their officers, colleagues and the wider public with more confidence.

The guidance covers the case for electric vehicles, the current landscape, case studies, and next steps.

The guidance says: "We do not anticipate that councils either want, or need, to become the long-term default provider for electric vehicle chargepoints. For the transition to be successful, the chargepoint market will have to strengthen. This is the only way we will reach the level of  coverage envisioned by Road to Zero. However, many councils are already showing that they have a role to play in catalysing this market and helping in its early stages.

"There are both powerful economic and environmental reasons for councils to encourage the adoption of  EVs on our road networks, including reducing emissions of  carbon dioxide and harmful air pollutants. There will also be an expectation from residents and visitors that places will have adequate coverage of  convenient and affordable electric vehicle charging infrastructure available to use.

"The electric vehicle charging landscape can be a daunting area for many councils and councillors. There are many chargepoint providers out there, the technology involved can appear complex, and the potential role for councils unclear. It is also a non-statutory service and many councils, given current budgetary pressures, may find it challenging to invest in charging infrastructure."

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