Air pollution sessions for Oxford students

Oxford City Council has published an educational toolkit for its primary and secondary schools to better children’s understanding of the causes and impact of air pollution.

Focused on activities inside and outside the classroom, the resource includes activities on surveying the number of idling cars at the school gates as well as learning about lichen on trees and the Peppered Moth. The council’s air quality monitoring officer will also be available to provide further information to schools and to lead assemblies.

Children, alongside the elderly and those with lung conditions, are particularly susceptible to health problems caused by air pollution. The aim of the project is to increase awareness of poor air pollution around schools, and to begin sustained work in partnership with schools to find ways of improving the situation.

John Tanner, executive board member for a Clean and Green Oxford, said: “We want Oxford’s children to understand the threat from pollution and help to create a future with clean air for everyone. Air pollution is invisible, but it can have a very damaging impact on the health of Oxford residents, particularly the young and most vulnerable. I hope this project helps raise awareness for this public health emergency. Every diesel and petrol vehicle driven into the centre of Oxford is contributing to the problem; everyone can do their bit to tackle Oxford’s toxic air pollution.”