May backs Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse

Theresa May has promised to pursue George Osborne’s Northern Powerhouse plans, despite the former Chancellor not being in her cabinet office.

Writing in the Yorkshire Post, the Prime Minister promised to ‘help the great cities and towns of the north pool their strengths and take on the world’, also vowing to make the Midlands an ‘engine for growth’ in an article on the Birmingham Mail.

Defending post-Brexit funding, May said that promised investment would not be disrupted as the UK government would ‘underwrite’ EU funding, before highlighting £24 million of government backing for the bid to bring the cycling world championships to Yorkshire.

May also stated a determination to ‘get behind Yorkshire’s innovators and entrepreneurs’ and to ‘develop a proper industrial strategy to back Yorkshire’s strengths’.

On her appointment as Prime Minister, May created the role of Northern Powerhouse minister., appointing Andrew Percy, the MP for the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire constituency of Brigg and Goole, as its representative.